The Six Hour Wedding Day

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As you start shopping for wedding photographers, you’ll see that many wedding photographers offer 8 hour or even 10 hour packages, with the insistence that you don’t want to miss a moment of your special day. I only offer 6 … Continued

Tips for the Wedding Day Parent Dance

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You guys. Parents love weddings. Did you know this already? Well they do. And you know what they especially love? The tradition of the Parent Dances. You know who else does? This photographer right here. I never understood this until … Continued

Family Photos: Rain or Shine

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I love outdoor family photo sessions, especially when little kids are involved! My family portrait sessions are laid-back and fun; we play games, encourage the kids to run and jump, try to generate as much authentic laughter as possible, and … Continued

Take My Family Photo Quiz!

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I offer three different kids of family portrait sessions – mini-sessions on select dates, full sessions available March-October, and playdate sessions available all year long. Which kind of family portrait session is right for you? Well, you can click here … Continued

A Sweet Spring Wedding

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My first wedding of 2022 was a lovely celebration at the Five Bridge Inn in Rehoboth, MA. Here is a little sneak at some of the wedding photos from this beautiful wedding venue in southeast Massachusetts.

Authentic Family Portraits

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Families aren’t perfect. And that means that “perfect” family portraits are hard to come by. Instead, we make “beautiful family portraits,” “wonderful family photos,” “authentic family photos.” The imperfection of families is one of the reasons why I love family … Continued

Wedding Photo Questions Asked

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I have been photographing weddings for nearly 15 years and I have had couples ask literally every question in the book, ranging from “What will you wear to our wedding?” to “Can we see all of the unedited photos?” to … Continued

Posing Tips For Every Photo

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I hear from most of my clients that they aren’t comfortable in front of the camera. And this is normal! Most of us get in front of a camera – photo or video – and immediately start second guessing ourselves. … Continued

Take Family Photos! On Your Smartphone!

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As we enter the Pandemic Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, I know there will be some gathering, toasting, hosting, partying, eating, and taking impromptu group photos. So long as you’re vaccinated and washing your hands, I am happy for you … Continued

You Need a New Photo on LinkedIn

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I have to tell you something, and you aren’t going to like it. You are using an outdated photo on your LinkedIn profile. No, I haven’t looked specifically at your profile, but I know from experience that most people keep … Continued

Give the Gift of Family Portraits

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The time of year has come – again – to think about holiday gifts for people in your life. It’s October! That means all of the winter holidays are coming fast, with the parties and expectations that come along. If … Continued

Dear Families: Show Up As You Are

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Families are messy, especially when there are kids involved. And this means that no family portrait shoot will ever be perfect. In fact, rarely do family portrait sessions go exactly as expected! This facts that every family is so unique … Continued

Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter. In the wake of the racial injustice that our country has witnessed – recently and for generations – I want you to know that I share in the outrage, grief, and fear that so many of our … Continued

The Family That Plays Together…

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As Massachusetts heads towards reopening, families and photographers are daydreaming about family portrait sessions! The quarantine has made me realize just how much I love the simple joy of getting to witness families interacting and playing with each other. I … Continued

Family Photos on the Front Steps

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With the latest round of restrictions on gatherings and recommendations for social distancing, families are getting a lot more “together time” than they may have had in the past. A photographer in Needham, MA saw an opportunity here: to document … Continued

BIG Opportunity Wedding Photographers!

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If you’ve chosen to build your photography career around wedding photography, then you must agree that weddings can be beautiful events to witness. You likely already have invested in cameras, lenses, technical training, and some practice. And yet, while enthusiasm, … Continued

My Best of 2018 in Wedding Photos

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2018 was a year of weddings that didn’t disappoint. They were full of highs and lows that were breathtaking and emotional and that I feel incredibly honored to have documented. I worked with a couple who made their wedding happen … Continued

Emily & Sam’s October Wedding

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Emily and Sam had a lovely outdoor wedding in mid-October. It started as a rainy and cloudy morning, but these two never gave up hope on have a first look on their roof deck overlooking the Boston skyline or having … Continued

Tips for Better Smartphone Photos

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As we enter the holiday season, I know there will be much gathering, toasting, hosting, partying, eating, and taking impromptu group photos. I love everything in this list…except that last one. It’s just that these impromptu-holiday-gathering group photos always turn … Continued

Tips for a Great Headshot

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This time of year, lots of people and companies are thinking about refreshing their website and LinkedIn profiles with new portraits (as they should.)  So if you’re one of the lucky ones with a portrait session in your future, here … Continued

Update Your LinkedIn Photo

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I have to tell you something, and you aren’t going to like it. It’s time to refresh your business portrait. If you’re like most professionals, you’re using an outdated photo on your LinkedIn profile, your website, your Facebook profile, etc. … Continued

Save the Date!

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I am having a party so Save the Date! This summer, I am celebrating FIVE YEARS in business, and I want to celebrate! I’ll be throwing a party in Boston on the afternoon of Sunday, July 13 and hope you’ll … Continued