Where will we take our family portraits?

Full Photo Sessions are always done outside because I like it when the kids have room to play, run, and be themselves. Clients select from a list of available locations around Boston including the Arnold Arboretum, Menotomy Rocks Park, and Larz Anderson Park. Sessions held at other locations, including the beach or your own home, but may be subject to a travel fee. Each location has pros and cons and each has a different look and feel. During your pre-portrait consultation, I’ll help you decide which is the best location to tell your family’s story.

I am able to offer a limited number of portrait sessions in my studio in Roslindale, MA. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in studio portraits.

What should we wear?

First and foremost, you should be comfortable! Outdoor family portrait sessions – especially with little kids – are fairly active, so expect that the kids may run around and get a little dirty, you may need to sit on the ground, and we may do some walking around. Comfort is paramount to make sure that you can relax and be yourself in front of the camera.

What if it rains?

Family portrait sessions happen rain or shine! It might be very hot, very cold, very windy, a little rainy, or a little snowy and still the photo session will go on! The weather in New England is unpredictable and I can not guarantee your session will happen on a perfect, sunny day. What I can guarantee is that we will make memorable and beautiful photos of your family whether you are basking in a golden sunset, snuggling at home in your PJs, or splashing in puddles. Sessions are meant to document your life, even on rainy days, so bring an umbrella!

(Note that we will reschedule if the weather conditions make it too dangerous to be outside.)

What geographical areas do you serve?

I serve families from throughout New England. Clients select from a list of available locations around Boston including the Arnold Arboretum, Menotomy Rocks Park, and Larz Anderson Park. Sessions held at other locations may be subject to a travel fee.

We are looking for a mixture of candid and posed family photos. Can you do both?

Always! My visual storytelling style leans toward a candid, documentary approach (the kids being hilarious, the dog licking your face), but posed family photographs, where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera, are also treasured keepsakes. I work both kinds of photos into Full Sessions. In contrast, Mini Sessions are typically more posed, since the sessions are only 15 minutes and don’t lend themselves to as much unposed play. Read more about the differences between Mini and Full Sessions here.

When will our photos be ready, and how many will we receive?

For Full Sessions, your online gallery of proofs will be available within one week. After you’ve had the chance to review your proofs, we convene virtually so that I can help you select your favorite images and figure out what products make the most sense for you and your family. Collections start at $599 (remember that Full Sessions include a Starter Collection) and you can see the most popular collections here. We’ll place the order and have everything delivered to you within a few weeks.

For Mini-Sessions, the turnaround is even faster! You will either select your favorite photos onsite before your session is over, or online within the next 2-3 days.

Can we bring along the family pet?

Sure! Pets are totally family members! Let’s just make sure they’re groomed, well behaved, and on a leash. Bring plenty of treats and a few chew toys, to be safe. Check out my tips for including pets in your family portraits.

My in-laws will be in town during our session.  Can we do a few pictures with them?

Of course. Full Family Sessions are perfect for including as many family members as you would like. Full Sessions are only 45 minutes, though, so we have to be realistic. If you’d like to do multiple family combinations, I can help you come up with a list of photos that we can accomplish during our time together.

Mini-Sessions are only 15 minutes and are therefore limited to immediate family only. Read more about the differences between Mini and Full Portrait Sessions here.

Still have more questions?

Be sure to download my Family Welcome Guide, and if you need more clarification on anything please get in touch with me directly.

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