Folks, wedding planning is nutty. Don’t let it get you down, and please don’t buy into the hype that tells you everything has to be perfect. I wish I could wave a magic wand and eliminate all of the stress that comes with having to make hundreds of tiny decisions as you plan an awesome party, but alas, all I can do is offer some advice about photography.

Here are my tips, tools, advice, guides, and other resources to help you navigate the world of working with wedding photographers and make the most of your investment in photography. If you have questions like, “What should I expect from my photographer?,” “What should I wear to my photo shoot?,” or “Do I really need an engagement session?” then look no further! The answers are all here. Start by downloading my Guide to Hiring a Photographer, which tells you what you need to know BEFORE you start calling photographers and what questions to ask.

Also, be sure to check out my two favorite wedding blogs, both of which challenge the pervasive white, straight, cis-gender wedding culture that perpetuates gender stereotypes and harmful expectations for people getting married:

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If you have questions not answered here or suggestions for other information I could provide, please let me know! I would love to make this page a great resource for you.

How far in advance should I book my wedding package?

Typically, my clients book me for their weddings about 9-12 months before their event, but that is certainly not a rule! If you are closer to your date, please do inquire. I only photograph 15 weddings each year, so may have your date open! Also, I often have room in my schedule for intimate mid-week weddings. A signed agreement and nonrefundable $500 deposit are required at booking time to hold your date.

What geographical areas do you serve?

I travel for weddings anywhere in the Northeast. Travel to most Massachusetts locations is included in all wedding packages. For weddings in Southern New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod and the Islands, an additional $150 travel fee may be applied. If you want me to photograph your wedding in Maine, Vermont, New York, or even Fiji, just email me and I can create a custom travel plan.

Do you offer “Engagement Sessions”?

Absolutely!  Only I call them “Get to Know You Portrait Sessions” because “engagement session” implies that it’s going to be cheesy and overly posed. (Have you seen that photo where the ring is in focus and the couple is out of focus, kissing the background? Yeah, I don’t do that.) The purpose is really to get to know your photographer and feel more comfortable in front of a camera so that you can relax and be yourself on your wedding day. For that reason, a “Get to Know You Portrait Session” is included in all wedding packages for no additional charge and can be scheduled at any point before your wedding. “Get to Know You Portrait Sessions” are held at a beautiful outdoor location of your choice and within a reasonable travel distance. If you’re not ready to hire a wedding photographer and still want engagement photos, I can certainly do that, too.

We are looking for a mixture of candid and formal wedding photography. Can you do both?

Always. My visual storytelling style leans toward a candid, documentary approach (the spontaneous moments and memories of the day), but formal family photographs are an important aspect of every wedding. I spend a lot of time with all of my clients to make sure I know what kinds of photos are most important to you.

When will our photos be ready, and how many will we receive?

You will have access to roughly 500-600 digital photos via an online gallery approximately one month after your wedding. This collection represents the best photos from the thousands of images shot over the course of a wedding, and each image is enhanced so that the colors, contrast, and details all look great.

Do we receive the high-resolution digital files?

Yes. But you have to promise to not let those digital files live sad, lonely lives in cloud storage never to be heard from again. You see, from more than a decade of wedding photography, I know that high resolution files are super valuable (sharing on social media, making gift prints for your friends and family) AND super under-utilized. This causes me great sadness. I want these photos to be enjoyed in person, not viewed on a screen! So, while you will receive the high resolution digital files for your personal use, reproduction, and distribution to friends and family, I encourage couples to purchase beautiful custom made wedding albums to showcase their favorite beautiful photos. Then you’ll have an heirloom keepsake piece that you can share with your children’s children AND you’ll have the digital files so your mom can print a 4×6 for the frame on her dresser. It’s a win-win. If you don’t want a custom-designed wedding album, that is okay, too – we can still work together! – because digital files are always included in wedding packages.

Do you ever work with other photographers?

Yes, about 50% of the time and when it makes sense for the client, the celebration, and the budget. I am experienced with covering even complicated weddings all by myself, and I love being able to offer more than one perspective on your wedding. Having a second photographer can be an excellent investment, but is not a requirement for getting wedding photos that you love.

What kind of cameras do you use?

Do you really want to know, or are you just asking because some checklist said you should? Be honest… Okay, I use professional-level Nikon digital cameras and lenses with backups. Everything is captured digitally, in color, and edited on the computer. (And no, you can’t see the picture on the back of the camera, so don’t ask!)

Do you have business insurance?

Yes, I am fully insured. Some venues require an insurance binder from all vendors, which I can happily provide.

Have you photographed a wedding at my venue?

I have photographed over two hundred weddings at all different kinds of venues throughout New England, from backyards to country clubs, so chances are good that I have been to the venue where your wedding will take place. Check out a partial list of my favorite venues and if you don’t see your venue there, please reach out! Most likely, I’ve been there, too.