First, since I know you’re wondering, my name is pronounced just like “Lisa.”

Leise Jones Photographer headshot

Leise Jones, Owner

That’s right – regular ol’ Lisa. Just spelled with a few extra vowels.  I love to photograph real life.  Not a posed, dramatically lit, and over-edited version of real life.  Actual real life.

Oh, and I love laughter.

Genuine mouth-open, shoulders-rocking, breathless laughter is what I look for when I am photographing weddings, families and events.  I love it.  I believe laughter makes the most authentic, joyful, and compelling photos of any occasion or interaction.

Some other things that I really love include my wife, Steph; our twins, Kellam & Evie; my gray hair (which I swear I’ll never cover up); family-style meals (they’re just so much more efficient), coffee with lots of cream (half coffee, half cream to be exact); and public radio (it’s pretty much the only radio I listen to.)

Now for the serious stuff.

Leise Jones

Since 2009, I've been helping couples who are planning super-fun wedding celebrations get the beautiful photos they want by encouraging them to just be themselves, have fun, and focus on each other.

I also work with families, small businesses, and non-profit organizations of all kinds who are looking for photographs to tell their story, commemorate their important days, and communicate their missions.

Clients have described me as an excellent coach; honest, caring, professional and unobtrusive. I have received the Couples’ Choice Award from The Wedding Wire in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and have unanimous five star reviews ***** on both The Wedding Wire and Yelp. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America, have a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College, and a Certificate in Professional Photography from the New England School of Photography.  I live in the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston with my amazing wife, hilarious twins, and lazy housecats.  I love Boston, and I travel throughout New England to work with my awesome clients.  I can't wait to hear from you to get started making beautiful and authentic photographs.

My approach to wedding photography...

Leise Jones
Leise Jones to help you relax and be yourself, so that you can just…laugh. Or cry.  Or smirk.  Or check yourself out in the mirror.  Or just close your eyes and take it all in.  I want you to enjoy the moments in front of you, not worry about things happening behind the scenes. I want you to feel comfortable and confident, not overly worried about how you look. I want you to almost forget that you’re being photographed, so that the real, joyful you can shine through. I help couples get the photos they want by encouraging them to be themselves, have fun, and focus on each other.

Of course that is easier said than done. Most people aren’t automatically comfortable and authentic in front of the camera and most couples aren’t automatically relaxed on their wedding day when surrounded by hundreds of family members and guests.

I totally get it! And yet I truly believe that when you are comfortable in front of the camera, beautiful, authentic photos will be the result.

To help, I have developed a highly personalized and collaborative approach to wedding and portrait photography. We get to know each other. We talk about what kinds of photos you’re looking for, what photos you want to look back on in ten years, and what photos you’re most excited about. We make lists and timelines and Pinterest boards. My goal is to not only be your photographer, but also your teammate.  I've been known to bustle dresses, pin on boutonnieres, and even sew on a lost button.  I do what it takes to support you through the experience of being photographed so that the resulting photos are effortless, beautiful orgeous, and most importantly, authentic.

That is why I tell people, “Just be yourself, and I’ll do the rest.”

Please get in touch today so we can get started making beautiful and authentic wedding photos.