Include Your Pets in Photo Sessions

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I often have clients ask to include their pets in their family photo sessions, and I love when we’re able to do so. Of course I don’t want to leave out your fluffy family members! Here are my some tips to get your pet in front of the camera.

1. Use treats:

Treats can go a long way in helping dogs and cats (and kids, too) pay attention, look a certain direction, and follow commands during a portrait session. Please bring plenty!

2.  Practice the basic commands:

It might sound like a no-brainer, but if you plan to bring a pet to a photo shoot and have them pose with you in a photo, they need to be able to sit, stay, and heel on command. Of course, I love snuggly photo sessions with dogs and cats, so if they don’t follow basic commands, we can still get lots of candid and playful photos during your session, but we may not get them looking at the camera.

3.  Choose a location they know:

In my experience, if your dog is in a place where they are comfortable and that feels familiar, they are likely to be happy to participate in a photo shoot. If they are over stimulated in a new environment or nervous around strangers, it will be harder to keep their attention. And this goes without saying for cats – we have to have your portrait session in a place they feel most comfortable and relaxed – likely inside your own home or backyard.

4.  Bring toys:

Again, especially if we want family photos with your pet looking at the camera, then we’ll need some toys along with the treats to keep their attention. If there is time and space, we might also incorporate some playful photos into our shoot as well.

5.  Connect with your pet:

Hug, kiss, and cuddle your pets, let them sit on your lap, encourage them to play, and enjoy having them there. Just like with my human clients, I love when we let our animals be themselves in photos. Those authentic family photos are the most special.

Interested in scheduling your family portrait session? Let’s start with a free consultation where you can tell me more about your family and the kinds of photos you’re looking for. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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