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Well, it’s mid-November, which means that across Eastern Massachusetts, it’s time for family photos!  Family photos for holiday cards, family photos as gifts, family photos in the fall foliage.  I have been busily entertaining 2-year olds for weeks now and it’s a total blast!

I went through a phase last year where I said I didn’t want to make family portraits anymore.  They are a lot of work (if you don’t believe me, try getting a toddler to smile at you for an hour) and I wasn’t sure that they fit neatly into “storytelling photography,” which is the brand of photography around which my entire business is centered.  And then I changed my mind.  I guess all of those toothy grins and grubby hands warmed my heart.  And, of course, the more time I spend with families, the more I am assured that family portraiture IS storytelling photography.

When I make family portraits, I spend an hour with the family, photographing them in all kinds of ways.  Sure, we make formal group shots where everyone is posed and smiling at the camera, but soon enough the little ones have had enough of that and they want to play and run around.  Fine with me!  The story of most families is one of chaos, excitement, ups and downs, playing, running, jumping, hugging, and laughing.  I like to capture it all.

I am back on the family portrait train, which has never been so evident as it has this month when I have been chock full of them!  Check out a few examples below of my storytelling family portrait style and let me know if you’d like to schedule a session for your family.

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