EdTechTeacher | Event Photography for Mission Driven Organizations

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For the second year in a row I photographed the annual iPad Summit hosted by EdTechTeacher in November.  EdTechTeacher helps teachers and schools use technology to their advantage and improve their students’ outcomes.  This year’s event was held at the Hynes Convention Center and I spent an entire day photographing people learning and teaching about classroom techniques that include iPads, Twitter feeds, digital photography, blogs, and hundreds of apps intended for teachers and students.

Event photography can be hugely important for a company or organization that wants to share and strengthen its mission.  Storytelling event photos can translate into fabulous marketing pieces. The attendees to this year’s iPad Summit were energized and inspired by what they were learning and in the photos, we see people sharing information and ideas, listening, teaching, having “aha” moments, building connections. I believe the energy and enthusiasm is palpable in the photos – exactly the kinds of photos that tell the story of the event and the company’s plan to create a 21st Century learning environment for every student in every classroom.

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