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Kara & Falko had a lovely wedding last month at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline and I was thrilled to be by their sides, helping them not only get beautiful wedding photos but navigate their busy day, too.  They traveled back and forth several times between the hotel, the church, and the reception venue, so it was a complicated day!  They looked beautiful and kept smiling, though, and it was a real treat to watch them celebrate with their friends and families.  Since Falko is from Germany – and the couple lives in Germany now – they had a lot of friends and family travel from Europe, which made it an extra special celebration for them!

Kara & Falko-021

Kara & Falko-016

Kara & Falko-026

Kara & Falko-045

Kara & Falko-050

Kara & Falko-078

Kara & Falko-086

Kara & Falko-108

Kara & Falko-112

Kara & Falko-119

Kara & Falko-131

Kara & Falko-152

Kara & Falko-163

Kara & Falko-196

Kara & Falko-242

Kara & Falko-264

Kara & Falko-266

Kara & Falko-270

Kara & Falko-273

Kara & Falko-285

Kara & Falko-294

Kara & Falko-300

Kara & Falko-324

Kara & Falko-414

Kara & Falko-422

Kara & Falko-448

Kara & Falko-463

Kara & Falko-484

Kara & Falko-529

Kara & Falko-550

Kara & Falko-578

Kara & Falko-595

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