Update Your LinkedIn Photo

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I have to tell you something, and you aren’t going to like it.

It’s time to refresh your business portrait.

If you’re like most professionals, you’re using an outdated photo on your LinkedIn profile, your website, your Facebook profile, etc. But you have changed, your business has changed, your hairstyle is hipper now, and it’s time to redo that old portrait of yours so that you can properly sell your product, yourself, and your business to all of those millions of prospective clients on the web.

(Not convinced that a professional headshot is worth it? Well, according to LinkedIn’s own statistics, profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more views than profiles without. Read all their numbers here.)

If you are like most people, you probably don’t like to have your picture taken, let alone shared all over the internet. But instead of focusing on your discomfort, try thinking about your business portrait as one of the most important tools in telling the story of you and your business. Effective portraits aren’t just depictions of what you look like, they share some insight into your personality, your business, your passion, your professionalism, and your work. This isn’t like school picture day – your prospective customers and employers don’t just want to know what you look like. They want to know you.

Professional portraits are easy and painless when done right, with a photographer who actually cares about your experience. I always tell my clients that if they don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, they won’t look comfortable in the resulting portrait. I take time to get to know them, explain the process, let them review photos onsite in real time, change outfits, and look through an online gallery of their favorite photos before they choose THE ONE. (Also retouching is always complimentary!)

All you need is a simple background, clothes that fit well, nice lighting, and a good attitude. (And I take care of two of those things to make is super easy for you.)

Sessions are 15 minutes to an hour, depending on what you’re looking for and how many different images you need.  Stop obsessing over your wrinkles and let’s get started (jump over to my contact page to get in touch with me).  467 million people are on LinkedIn and they’re waiting to see you shine.  Like these folks.  Imagine how great you can look?


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