Do You Need a Wedding Album?

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In this day and age of social media, Instagram, and digital files, formal wedding albums may seem like a relic of the past.  Something your parents and grandparents had, but certainly not you.  Or maybe you do want some kind of album, but figure you can just make one yourself on Shutterfly or something.  Right?

I admit that I used to think this way, too, but wedding albums of 2017 are nothing like the wedding albums your grandparents had.  Books now are flush mount printed, which means the images are printed right into the substrate of the paper.  They won’t yellow and fade like Grandma’s pictures did.  Books today are digitally designed and printed, so we’re not talking about photo albums where you slide the 4×6 print in between two sheets of plastic.  And books today come with such a wide range of options that you could literally have a wedding album with an acrylic or metal cover! I’m telling you, we live in the future.

Recently, I delivered two gorgeous albums to clients so thought I’d share what a book looks like. The albums I include with my packages are either small (8×8″) or large (10×10″), are custom-designed, contain about 75-80 photos, come delivered in keepsake boxes, and have eco-leather covers with the couples’ names inscribed on the front (no animals are harmed in the binding of these books.)  They are stunning heirlooms that last forever and are a much preferred way of showing off your wedding photos than just posting them on Snapchat. 🙂

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