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My friendship with these two goes way back – Nashira and I went to high school together!  I was so honored to photograph their wedding in 2010 and just as honored to photograph them this year as they expect Baby #1 to join them in just a few weeks!

I get a lot of requests for maternity portraits and they are among my favorite kinds of sessions.  They joy, the expectation, the tenderness, and the beauty all just make it a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  I photographed Nashira and Leon in their home where they could be comfortable, snuggled, and cozy.  I think that coziness just exudes from the photos!

In my maternity portraits, I don’t do dramatic silhouettes where the woman is wrapped in sheets and the wind is blowing.  (I also don’t do the thing where make a heart shape with your hands and place your hands on your belly.)  Instead of making it into a sexy, dramatic scene, I prefer to photograph my clients as they are, in an environment that makes them feel comfortable, and either with their partner or alone – depending on what feels right.  My maternity sessions are less, “Here look at me sexy and pregnant,” and more “Here, look at me/us in the weeks before our baby comes feeling happy, expectant, loving, and joyous.”

My goal is to make maternity photos that are joyful, sweet, and that capture a couple or an individual in those last few weeks before they become parents.  The days before the baby comes seem incredibly sacred to me – so I strive to capture the feeling of that time and honor the parents-to-be.

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