The Boston Marathon in Wellesley | Boston Photojournalist

Now that it’s been over a week since the vicious and terrible attacks on the Boston Marathon, I feel like it’s okay for me to share some more of my photos from earlier that day when the scene in Wellesley was all joy, happiness, encouragement, strength, and excitement. It makes me really happy to look at these photos and remember the race BEFORE the bombs went off, so I hope they make you happy, too. (If they make you sad, then I apologize and I hope you’ll instead watch some funny cat videos.)

Last Monday morning, I headed out to Wellesley College on assignment for the Wellesley Townsman.  There, students gather along the marathon route and create what is affectionately known as the “scream tunnel.” Literally, they line up for a quarter of a mile and cheer for the runners so loudly and for so long that it’s a tunnel of screams. They also make a bunch of hilarious signs encouraging runners to stop and get a kiss. I have no idea where this tradition began, but the students all make their own custom “Kiss Me” signs.

“Kiss me I’m from Connecticut.”
“Kiss me I like running too.”
“Kiss me I’m a liberal.”

And my own personal favorite: “Kiss Me I’m a Type I Diabetic.” What is more romantic?

It was hilarious to be there and breathtaking to watch the runners come up over the hill and hear the screaming and cheering grow to full force.  The runners smiled and waved and high-fived as they went through the Wellesley Scream Tunnel.  And yes, plenty even stopped for kisses.

You could really feel the love there, outside of Wellesley College on Marathon Monday.  That is the Boston Marathon I want to remember.

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