A Great Gatsby Party with an Ocean View

It has been an incredibly busy summer, which is partly the reason why I have not been keeping up with the blogging world.  But, it is worth the wait ,becauseI get to share with you now some photos from an incredibly posh party that I photographed last weekend.  I photograph a lot of private events, many of which are similar.  But these are just too fun not to share – a Great Gatsby-themed party at a breathtaking private home on Cape Cod, with a gorgeous ocean view, costumes, drinks, delicious food, and a beautiful sunset. What could be better?

I was hired to photograph this event by the caterers; none other than the Fireplace Restaurant fromBrookline, MA here in my backyard.  I love this restaurant, and I love their work “in the field” so to speak.  They do a tremendous job catering events (I have been to a few by now).  The staff are meticulous and organized, the food is incredible, and they create food that compliments the venue, the theme, and the general ambiance of the party.

For this Great Gatsby party, the folks at the Fireplace put together a fantastic raw bar, a selection of martinis, and a handful of passed hors d’oeuvres to start. Dinner was traditional “meat and potatoes” with an heirloom tomato salad, melt-in-your-mouth lasagna, and a fresh crisp bean salad. For dessert, they prepared bite-sized strawberry shortcakes and French macaroons.  The guests ate dinner serenaded by a live jazz band (very 20’s) and satiated with more martinis and gin & tonics.  It was such a fun, lavish party.  I just wish I had been a guest!  (I need more friends with seaside homes and eccentric parties.)

So look through these photos and file them away in your brain for the next time you’re looking to host a 20’s themed party.  Just don’t forget the jazz band, the oysters, the endless martinis, the imitation cigarettes, the flapper dresses, and the roast sirloin!  You’re guaranteed to have some very very happy guests.


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