A Camera to Love

Well, I finally bit the $2500 bullet and upgraded to a new, full-frame sensor camera: a Nikon D700.  That means the photographs are much more sharp, much less noisy, much more versatile, and the image files are waaaay better quality.  I can not put into words how excited I am!  Took it out of the box and started playing around – in the limited time I had all I could do was walk around the house and try to make things look interesting.  I am absolutely in love with the sharpness and crispness of these pictures.  Of course I played with the colors and contrast in post-production, but really had very little to do.  All of these were shot with a 24mm lens, which on a full frame camera is actually 24mm – much wider than I am used to!

Sigh…I am in love!!  Can’t wait to start working with it and see how this changes my wedding, event, food and editorial photography.  Stay tuned for more!

Nature Photography

Love the sharpness!

Looking Up

Cat in the Window

I think everything looks beautiful with this camera!

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