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If you’re someone who looks at a lot of wedding blogs, then you know what we photographers mean when we talk about “getting ready photos.” But if it’s your first time planning a wedding or you AREN’T one of the people obsessed with Pinterest, this blog post is for you.

When I talk about “getting ready photos” with my clients, I am referring to 30-45 minutes before they are ready to walk out the door. I don’t suggest having a photographer at the salon because on my wedding day I didn’t want to be documented before I have hair and makeup done! I have found that most people feel the same way – you want to be photographed looking your best on your wedding day and curlers-in-the-hair doesn’t fit the bill.

But getting ready photos are worth documenting – they are truly special moments that are important in telling the story of your wedding day.  The getting ready photos that are worth documenting are the finishing touches that brides and groom put on just before they step out into the world. Putting on the wedding dress and shoes, checking makeup in the mirror, adjusting bow ties, putting on cufflinks or jewelry, applying lipstick, seeing your parents’ reactions, giddy laughter and toasts with the wedding party. To me, these are the quiet, intimate moments before the wild wedding day ensues and the memories of those moments fade quickly without photographs!

I think getting ready photos are valuable and worth the 30-40 minutes. You should be almost ready before your photographer arrives but not quite – then we document the last final details and the wedding day really starts!

finishing touch on bride's hair bride putting on lipstick bride and mother getting ready bride laughing while getting ready bride's wedding shoes bride putting on earring wedding dress hanging in the window putting on the bride's jewelry groom getting ready for his wedding happy bride before the wedding adjusting the bride's veil groom tying his bow tie pinning on the boutonniere getting ready for the wedding

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