Smiles to Make your Cheeks Hurt | Boston Wedding Photos

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In the grind that was 2020 (and we know will be at least part of 2021), it’s easy to get lost in the stress,  the demands of remote learning and working from home, the threats to democracy, the constant reminders of death and loss.

Yet, in this dark year, lots of wonderful things still happened! I lucky to have a job that is all about documenting love, joy, and celebrations, and in going through my work from 2020, I recall many incredible moments.

Weddings were different in a lot of ways in 2020. Obviously there were fewer people, more social distance, less dancing, more masks, and lots more technology. Weddings in 2020 were the same in a lot of ways, too. Happiness, excitement, families together (sometimes in person), toasts, laughter, kisses and hugs.

To commemorate this year, I’ve chosen a selection of favorite wedding photos from 2020. Some are more reminiscent of 2020 and some are more typical. All showcase authentic happiness, proving that in darkness of a pandemic, there is light.

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