Fall Mini Sessions Are Coming Up! Are They Right For You?

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Mini Family Portrait Sessions are quick and less expensive than commissioning a full family portrait session.

I am offering mini sessions this year on Sunday October 23rd, 2022. But before you click the link and sign up, here are some considerations to determine if booking a mini-session is right for your family.

What are your photo expectations?

Mini sessions are fast (15 minutes or less) and designed to get you just a couple good photos. I offer mini sessions for immediate family members only because with a lot of extended family, we may not have the time to get all the different combinations you’re looking for.

A mini session might NOT be right for you if you have a specific set of shots in mind and need more than 15 minutes!

What are your kids like – really?

I like to think I am engaging and fun with the kids I work and that they warm up to me quickly. But despite my best efforts, there are kids who won’t warm up to a stranger in the time span of a 15-minute mini session. Your kids may not sit still, look at the camera, follow directions, or crack a smile. During a full session, I relish this challenge of engaging and playing with the kids, chasing them while they explore. For a mini-session, though, we may not have time to get the photos you were hoping for.

A mini session might NOT be right for you if you have an introverted or high energy child and are not confident that we can get the photos you want during a short time frame.

Are you punctual?

Mini sessions are stacked back to back, with very little time in between. Punctuality is key. If your family tends to run late, a mini session might be a big source of stress. Running 10 minutes late to a full 60-minute session isn’t a big deal; 10 minutes late to a mini-session and you forfeit your slot.

A mini session might NOT be right for you if you know that it would be tough to honor a specific time slot or if you think you may run more than 10 minutes late.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a mini versus a full session for your family photos, and hopefully these points gave you a peek into some of the things to consider.

If you’d like to grab one of the mini-session slots for this upcoming series on Sunday, October 23rd, just click the link to reserve a time!

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