Sweet Backyard Engagement Session

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I don’t like to call engagement sessions “engagement sessions.”  The term just doesn’t quite fit me or my couples, who are usually way more casual and way less interested in following some scripted version of “wedding planning and preparation.” But I DO think that the engagement session is super important because it’s valuable time that the couple gets to spend with their wedding photographer – without the stress and fatigue of the wedding day.  So instead, I call them “get to know you sessions,” and use it as just that – a session for getting to know you.  They get to know me, I get to know them, they get to know what it’s like to be photographed, I get to know what kinds of photos they absolutely don’t want to do.  And it’s super fun and we have dozens of great, non-cheesy “engagement” photos.

Laura and Abbi are no different from most of the couples who I work with.  They’ve been together for years, are planning a very low key wedding, don’t want to be taking pictures all over Boston, and feel pretty nervous about being photographed in the first place.  So we did their get to know you session right in their backyard in Jamaica Plain, surrounded by their beautiful backyard garden and Abbi’s amazing woodworking projects.  With mixed drinks in hand (mine was a g&t with a basil leaf thrown in for the sake of the garden) we spent an hour laughing and making photos that have nothing to do with their “engagement” and everything to do with the two of them being perfect for each other.

Laura & Abbi-005 Laura & Abbi-010 Laura & Abbi-020 Laura & Abbi-044 Laura & Abbi-048 Laura & Abbi-051

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