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Okay, here it goes.  One of my big pet peeves – and something so small and insignificant – is coffee stains on my kitchen counter.  You know how sometimes people put the milk and sugar in their coffee, stir it around and then put the wet spoon on the countertop!?  Ugh, makes me want to scream.  Unfortunately it happens A LOT in my house, considering that we are big coffee drinkers and have a shortage of spoon rests.  So this past weekend, we took it upon ourselves to make some new, homemade spoon rests.  The bottoms of small flower pots make the perfect size spoon rest for a little teaspoon.

We had terracotta flower pots – like the teeny tiny ones for seedlings – and used the bottom trays.

Homemade Spoonrest from Flower Pot Bottoms Arts & Crafts Photos

We spray painted them bright colors and after they dried, we used Mod Podge to adhere some pretty paper to the inside of the tray.  (If you cover the whole thing with Mod Podge, you get a clear, shiny coating.)

Photos, Homemade, Spoonrest, DIY, Arts & CraftsVoila!  You have yourself a spoon rest.  And I can rest assured that I won’t get those icky coffee stains on my counter anymore!  Win-win situation!

Homemade Spoonrest, old flowerpot, modge podge, photos, arts & Crafts

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  1. Gerri Zoppa

    I love this idea…I have the same issues, don’t like the marks on the counter or top of stove from the coffee spoon. I work in a Garden Center and we have lots of these little trays..hmmmmm and idea is happening…

  2. Kat

    This is a great idea. I use a larger one for my stove top (it was on sale in the garden section, already painted and cured), but a few months back I made one from a small plastic tray like you did, and it wasn’t long before the MP started coming on my wooden spoons if they were left resting in the dish for any length of time. This is why I bought the pre-fired tray.

  3. Teresia

    I’m thinking maybe it would make a cool used tea bag holder, too.

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