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There are plenty of lists out there when it comes to wedding planning.  But after witnessing hundreds of brides getting ready – and hundreds of grooms, too – I decided to make a list of wedding day essentials that I hope will be helpful to you as you prepare for your big day!

I have seen dress zippers break (in a multitude of possible ways), boutinneers fall off, pants that need to be pinned, brides who forgot to brush their teeth, a groomsman show up with a black eye, clothing with tags that need to be cut off, and everything else you can imagine.  If you have all of these things, I guarantee you’ll have everything you need “just in case.”  Pack yourself a little bag of essentials, and rest easy!

safety pins
sewing kit
bobby pins
wardrobe tape
spare underwear
band aids
nail polish/nail file
body and face lotion
hairspray/hair gel
toothbrush and toothpaste
baby powder
chap stick/gloss
lint roller
2-3 bottles of water
breath mints



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