Wayside Inn Boston Wedding Photography

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One month ago, Olivia & Mike celebrated their beautiful wedding at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury. The day was gorgeous – hot and muggy and bright and sunny – until a huge thunderstorm rolled through right as the reception was beginning! Luckily we got all of our outdoor photos and beautiful wedding portraits done before the rain, and there were only a few lingering raindrops as the party got started. These two college sweethearts threw an awesome party surrounded by their friends and family and I loved being able to photograph the fun!

Olivia & Michael_001 Olivia & Michael_002 Olivia & Michael_003 Olivia & Michael_004 Olivia & Michael_005  Olivia & Michael_007 Olivia & Michael_008 Olivia & Michael_009 Olivia & Michael_010 Olivia & Michael_011 Olivia & Michael_012 Olivia & Michael_013 Olivia & Michael_014 Olivia & Michael_015 Olivia & Michael_016 Olivia & Michael_017 Olivia & Michael_018 Olivia & Michael_019 Olivia & Michael_020 Olivia & Michael_021 Olivia & Michael_023 Olivia & Michael_024 Olivia & Michael_025 Olivia & Michael_026 Olivia & Michael_027 Olivia & Michael_028

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