Meg & Whitney’s Rainy Day Bliss

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This unpredictable summer weather keeps reminding me of Meg and Whitney’s wedding last fall on Cape Cod.  Of course everyone hopes for beautiful weather on their wedding day, but we also know that we live in New England and, well…come what may.  I think Meg and Whitney – and most couples, actually – understand that sometimes it rains and that rain is a fact of life and that if it rains on your wedding day, so what?  You’ll still be married, after all!

But, oh my goodness, these two brides could not have predicted the deluge that we would receive the night before their wedding.  A rainstorm so huge that it completely flooded the tent where they were planning to hold their reception, knocked out the electricity and made it essentially impossible to host a wedding there!  These two were literally left standing in water with nowhere to hold their wedding.

Enter in two helpful cousins, a tireless event planner, an innovative caterer, and a boatload of friends.  With help and support, some tears, deep breaths, and a lot of patience, Meg and Whitney found an alternate wedding venue, alerted their guests, decorated, setup, re-worked their reception, changed the dinner plan, and still managed to look incredibly gorgeous!  It may not have been exactly the wedding they had planned on, but their wedding still was so fun, so joyful, and so beautiful, that you would never know what they went through to make it happen!  And wow, what memories they made!

Yes, in New England we can get bullied by the weather.  But don’t let it get you down on your wedding day!  Just keep on dancing, like these two did, and all will be fine.

Cheers to Meg and Whitney for sticking with it and making their wedding day awesome!


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