Event Photos ‘R’ Us

2012 is my 3rd year in business!  How time flies.  In June 2009, I graduated from the New England School of Photography with absolutely no idea how I was going to make this work.  (Actually, you can read my first ever blog post here.  See how much has changed?!)  I made some business cards, got a website up, started making phone calls, and kept on taking pictures.  Now, I have a fully-formed, yet tiny, business.  It’s amazing how much things can change in just a few years!  I have so many people to thank for helping me get to where I am.  THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

The best part of the last three years has been seeing how my business evolved – and continues to do so – as I learned new things, met new clients, garnered new assignments, and found new passions.  After hundreds of photo shoots with dozens of clients, I have learned that I am most comfortable and happy and successful when I am photographing events.  Large ones, small ones, sappy ones, corporate ones, mission-driven ones. It really doesn’t matter to me what the event is, but I love that I get to interact with people all day and evening long.  I get to be part of a really big and important day – whether it’s someone’s wedding, an organization’s annual fundraiser, or a long-planned conference.  I get to learn new things; while I shoot, I listen to speakers, watch performances, hear about fabulous organizations and their work around the country.  I love the fast-pace and every-changing nature of event photography.  And I love working with clients to help them tell the story of their big day through beautiful photos.

This, in 2012, my goal is to shoot more corporate and non-profit events, to follow this passion, and build this sector of my business.  I’ll still be doing lots of weddings, food and restaurant work, and lots of portraits, too!  But the one thing you may NOT see on my website is family and baby portraits.  This is a piece of my business that I have decided to downplay for a little while to make room for more event work.  I still love working with families – and especially little ones! – and will gladly take the jobs when they come along, but for the next 6 months or so, I will be devoting more marketing space and time to event photography.

Of course, you can still find my family portrait photographs here.  Please let me know if you’re interested in family photographs and I can gladly send you more information, more samples, and a price list.  In the meantime, though, if you know of anyone looking for an event photographer, I hope that you’ll send them my way!

Thanks for reading and for being part of this journey of my business!  Can’t wait to see what comes up next…

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