Focus on Diversity

This month, I am participating in a really cool project with Wheelock College, photographing a diverse group of families for an exhibit on campus called “Families in Focus.”  The project is part of a campus-wide diversity initiative and the goal is to highlight how different “families” can be; not just the typical husband-wife-2.5 children combination anymore.  On our first day of sessions, we set up in a classroom on campus and photographed 5 families.  We have 5 more families to photograph at a later date and then the final photos will be exhibited on campus.

I am so proud to be part of this campaign and so proud to be promoting the value of diversity.  And, while I don’t talk about my personal life much on my blog or even with my clients, I am very happy to be including a self-portrait of my wife and I for the Wheelock exhibit.  Below is a shot of our little family of 2.  Stay tuned for the exhibit to open at Wheelock in April.

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