Susu’s Bakery Boutique

Last week, on assignment from the Wellesley Townsman, I photographed Susu’s Bakery Boutique in Wellesley Square.  Even though I have been to Wellesley Square a handful of times, I have to admit never noticing the lovely French bakery that sits on the corner of Washington and Church Streets.   And wow, have I been missing out on my previous visits to town!  I walked in and immediately noticed elegance; lovely wooden tables with fresh flowers, classical art on the walls and large sunny windows framed with tasteful drapes.  Not just a coffee shop, Susu’s is a beautiful place to treat yourself to delicious French-inspired sweets or wonderful sandwiches and salads.  I got to taste her infamous Donut Muffins, which are exactly what they sound like (only a million times better than any donut I’ve ever had) and the lemon-curd filled Coconut Cake, which is also what I photographed.

The Townsman ran a segment on Susu’s lemon curd, which she uses to fill cupcakes and cakes and serves as a condiment with scones and fruit.  You can read the segment here and see a few other photos below.  I witnessed the lemon curd making process and can sum it up as endless stirring until the mixture is the perfect consistency and texture.  But I can’t sum up the amazing taste – you’ll have to try it yourself!

Susu's Bakery Wellesley

Susu's Bakery Boutique in Wellesley, MA

Susu's Bakery Boutique Wellesley MA

Susu's Bakery Boutique Wellesley Massachusetts

Susu's Bakery Boutique Wellesley Massachusetts

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