The benefits of Non-Profit Photography

Among the multitude of reasons why I love my job is that I often get asked to make photographs for non-profit organizations around Boston.  I want to work for non-profit groups because:

a) I enjoy event photography.

b) I want to support organizations and causes that I believe in.

c) I leave every event and photo shoot inspired and educated by the amazing people I meet and programs I learn about.

Just this week I photographed the Annual Breakfast for the Boston Chapter of Health Leads USA.  Of course I was eager to do it for all of the reasons listed above, but I had never heard of Health Leads before they called me.  Now, after two hours of shooting and learning about the history, mission and accomplishments of this organization, I am ready to proselytize about how amazing they are.

Health Leads operates in clinics all over the country where physicians are struggling to keep low-income families healthy.  Doctors in these neighborhoods, of course, prescribe medicine but rarely have the resources to “prescribe” what their patients need: food, safe housing, health insurance, job training, fuel assistance, or other resources that produce healthy lives.   So Health Leads volunteers stand by in waiting rooms and hospitals around the country, offering to connect patients with government and community resources that they otherwise haven’t found.

It’s a brilliant idea, begun by an idealistic Harvard graduate, financed by progressive activists and staffed by eager volunteers.  Health Leads is making the connection between poverty and poor health outcomes and doing something about it.  According to the Health Leads website: “Health Leads’ straightforward, preventative referrals to government and community resources – such as affordable housing, child care, employment, GED classes, and job training – enable families to avert crises and to access increased income and education, which have been documented to result in better long-term health outcomes.”

So you see?  This is why I love my job.  I go to these events to provide a service and  I leave inspired and prepared to promote each groups and the work they do.

I always provide non-profit organizations with discounts on event and editorial photography, since telling their story and recording their accomplishments is critical to their success.  Working with non-profit organizations sustains me and I am proud to know that my photography is indirectly helping to make the world a better place.

And of course, I get to take fun pictures, too.

Non-Profit Event Photography

Non-Profit Event Photography

Non-Profit Event Photography

Non-Profit Event Photography

  1. Erika Dowd

    Thank you, Leise! Health Leads was thrilled to work with you on this event!

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