Wedding Cakes!

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Recently, I thought it would be fun to go through the thousands of wedding photos I have from the past several years and pick out a few faves.  I noticed, shockingly, that many of my favorites happen to be photos of the cakes!  Yes, yes, yes, I have lots of favorite photos of couples kissing and holding hands, dancing on the dance floor, sweet smiles during the ceremony, laughter and happiness on everyone’s faces.  But, ahh…the cakes…

I find that every wedding cake is unique to the couple, their venue, the season during which they’re getting married, and the baker’s style.  Here are a handful of my favorite cakes with information about the person/people who made them.  All of these cakes were made by local, small businesses, who we love to support.  So if you’re looking for a cake vendor in the Boston area, now you’ve got lots of great suggestions. Enjoy!


Katie and Bob were married at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury, a full-service wedding venue who also provided them with their cake.  Their wedding cake was somewhat simple and traditional, but topped with these beautiful frosting flowers!  Of course, the colors matched the flowers that Katie and her bridesmaids were carrying.  So lovely.

wedding cake wayside inn


Sarah and Paul got married right after Christmas a few years ago (you can see that their colors were, appropriately, red and green).  They chose to have their cake complimented by these lovely handmade chocolate covered cherries!  Their close friends, Karine Santos and the Fagundes Family, made these delicious chocolates, which were so sweetly displayed.

Decadent Wedding Chocolate Covered Cherries


Megan and Kyle were married at their home in Somerville one year ago this month (how time flies!).  Their reception was at Precinct in Union Square and they had this unique-looking red velvet cake prepared for them by Hippie Chick Bakery in New Hampshire.  Hippie Chick emphasizes using local and organic ingredients, which makes their cakes not only delicious, but good for the earth!  They are also known far and wide for their ability to accommodate dietary restrictions, baking cakes that are vegan, gluten free, egg-free, etc.

red velvet wedding cake I love the shape of this one – it reminds me of a castle – and it was surrounded by beautiful, deep-red roses.  And it was delicious!red velvet wedding cake with roses


This next cake was perfect for Kelly and Andrea’s October wedding in their backyard in Southampton, MA.  It was made by Henion Bakery in Amherst, which produces a range of baked goods using local ingredients.  This one was a devil’s food cake with a ganache layer, covered with real butter cream mocha frosting and decorated with marzipan leaves.  It was a perfect fall cake and was a huge hit with all of the guests!  henion bakery fall wedding cake amherst


Sarah and Michael got married at the French Bistro Les Zygomates in Boston and the pastry chef at the restaurant made their beautiful cake.  Real flowers are such a beautiful compliment to wedding cakes, and I love when cakes, like this one, are surrounded with floral arrangements.

wedding cake les zygomates boston

wedding cake les zygomates boston


This cake was made for Tekla and Calvin by Montilio’s Baking Company in Brockton, MA.  The intricate detail on this cake was incredible, and thought you can’t see it very well, the bakers put Tekla and Calvin’s initials on the right hand side of the cake (look carefully…).

wedding cake montilio's bakery

I see lots of cakes that feature beautiful and bright colors – this one stood out to me for its lack of color, which feels elegant and clean.

wedding cake montilio's bakery

And last but not least, Jess and Rich were married last spring at the Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station in Connecticut.  Their cake was made by Kim’s Cottage Confections in Durham, CT.  Kim has 20 years of experience as a baker and cake designer and says that you can bring her your “dream cake” and she’ll make it for you!  What more could you want?  Jess and Rich’s cake was so unique – I really love square cakes – and of course, Kim did an amazing job incorporating the exact color green that matched their linens and flowers.

Wedding cake kim's confections connecticut

wedding cake, kim's confections

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