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I had a real learning experience last week.  I photographed a discussion hosted by the Congregational Library about Cotton Mather, a 17th century Puritan minister who is best known here in Massachusetts for his role in the Salem witch trials.  I didn’t know anything about Cotton Mather before I photographed this event but I now know that this man has prestigious scholars devoted to learning more about his life, his teachings, his political views, and his role in shaping New England.  He is much more than a religious zealot who may have advocated for the execution of alleged witches.  According to the scholars who spoke at this event, his teachings and writings may have gone so far as to influenced the structure of the American Democracy as we know it.

Alas, I am not an expert on Cotton Mather, but I thought I’d share this experience – and the resulting photographs – as a testament to just how diverse my work is!  For my business, everyday is totally different and every client has a wonderful new story to tell.  Even if that story is about a 17th century Puritan, event photography is always an adventure.

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