Celebrating Pride Month Year Round

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It’s Pride Month!! Happy Pride!

I love celebrating Pride with my wife and kids, with our neighbors, our community, and with my LGBTQ+ clients. Celebrating Pride with my family makes me feel so…proud. Really!

For some queer families and couples, Pride is the ONLY time they can feel proud of who they are. Like lots of minority groups, we are used to moving through the world with apprehension about what someone may say or think or how they may act towards us.

That is why I make it a point to see everyone in my wedding photography and family photography. I am always proud to celebrate couples, families, and relationships in all of their authenticity. And I tell LGBTQ+ couples and families that there is value in hiring a queer photographer – someone who can see you the way you see yourself.

I assure you, no matter who you are and how you identify, and no matter what month it is, I see you and I vow to share your authentic stories.

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