Best Boston Beaches for Family Photos

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In an earlier post, I go through what I consider to be the three categories of outdoor locations in our part of New England: the park, the beach, and the city. But WHAT park, WHAT beach, and WHAT urban elements? There are so many amazing locations to choose from when planning your family’s portrait session. Here are my top three locations for family photos on the beach. Click here to read about my favorite parks for family photos And stay tuned for future post that details my favorite urban locations!

Of course the Boston area has no shortage of beautiful beaches at which to take family photos. There are endless options! Still, it can be hard to find a beach that is pretty, has affordable parking, isn’t too crowded, and is easy to get to. Here are my picks for beaches that hit all of these criteria and are great for family photos.

Keep in mind that the best times of day for family photos on the beach will be early morning and late afternoon. And always try to avoid beaches during peak times, especially during the summer!

Wollaston Beach, Quincy

I like Wollaston because it’s convenient, parking is relatively easy, and it’s a pretty spot with grasses, a pier, rocks, and of course sand. One con of Wollaston, though, is that it’s really icky at low tide. Pro tip: check the tide schedule before planning your family photo session at Wollaston Beach. Best to go as the high tide is receding, but before it gets too low.

Rexhame Beach, Marshfield

Rexhame Beach is great for outdoor family photos because it has an ocean side with waves and a more conventional beach, as well as a river side with shallow tide pools and a rocky shore. There is something for everyone and lots of quiet places where you can tuck in for relative privacy. Pro tip: know ahead of time if your family will be happier on the waves side or the river side of the dunes. It may be too much to do both during one session.

Nahant Beach, Nahant

Again, another beach that is easy to get to, has plenty of parking, and has restrooms on site; perfect for family photos on the beach! Nahant, along with most of the North Shore beaches has one of those low tides that goes way way out, making the ocean seem very far away. So it’s best to avoid low tide if you can. I like Nahant Beach when the tide is in the middle of coming or going. That way you aren’t too far from the water, and still have plenty of beach space for family photos. Pro tip: the parking lot at Nahant is long and narrow, so know where you’re going to meet your photographer and try to park accordingly.

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