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I get asked this question a lot: “What is your favorite wedding moment?”  And I always have to pause for a moment before I answer because there are SO MANY wedding moments that I love.

While every wedding is different, and therefore every wedding has its own set of wonderful moments, I can narrow it down to a few of my favorite moments at every wedding that I photograph.

1.  When you see each other for the first time.  Whether it’s before the ceremony or walking down an aisle, it’s always such a sweet moment.

2.  Right after the ceremony – when it sinks in that you’re ACTUALLY MARRIED. This is when pure joy just takes over.  It’s magical.

3.  The first dance. No need for complicated choreography here.  Just hold and sway.

4.  Watching you show off your rings (only when asked, of course.)

5.  The hilarious stories that come out during toasts.  I have heard the damnedest things.

6.  Listening to you use the word “husband” or “wife” for the first time.  These words inevitably lead to a pause, a giggle, or a stunned “whoa.”

7.  Anytime you laugh together.  I laugh right along with you.

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