Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter.

In the wake of the racial injustice that our country has witnessed – recently and for generations – I want you to know that I share in the outrage, grief, and fear that so many of our communities of color are experiencing and have experienced for too long. No matter what attempts I have made in the past to be more socially conscious, progressive, inclusive, and anti-racist, it is clear to me that I need to do much more to support and stand up for black lives everywhere. Not only in my own industry, but in my community and throughout this country.

I rarely share anything political or controversial through my business because it feels uncomfortable and scary. It’s much easier to stick to sharing pictures of happy families and couples and weddings and be all celebratory and positive and cheerful. But that is only easy for me because my privilege as a white person allows me to stay silent.

I don’t want to stay silent, but I also know my feelings are meaningless without actions. I am sharing here what I intend to HAVE DONE and WILL DO. Then I am going out to DO IT.

Actions speak louder than words.

– I have donated recently to BLM, NAACP, and Black Visions Collective to help amplify black voices and will continue to donate as I can.

– I will complete Layla Saad’s “Me and White Supremacy” workbook. I only just learned about this guide and and am looking forward to this work.

– I will teach my two white kids about anti-racism and the need to fight for black lives. I have done some of this, but not nearly enough. I plan to read “Raising White Kids” and will use resources like Wee the People to keep learning.

– I will make signs and march and protest and attend vigils and show up for justice when and where I can to lift up the black voices around me.

– I will call out my white friends and family members for their racist actions, words, and beliefs and I expect to be called out by my own community when I act and speak the same way. I am ready to listen and learn.

– I commit to my black friends to being open to your criticism and to leaning into my discomfort. I commit to being open to your feedback where I may be wrong and where I must do better. It is my job to do the work, it is not your job to shoulder that work.

– I will raise up the voices of black photographers, who are marginalized in our industry just like in many others. I will support black artists.

– I will protest and march and rally and stand vigil until funding is diverted from our police departments and spent instead on community resources that don’t perpetuate our country’s system of mass incarceration.

– I will keep learning how to be anti-racist and keep challenging my white privilege.

– I won’t stay silent.

Say their name. Be the change.

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