Family Portraits in Honor of Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is around the corner, in case you don’t already know and don’t already have an amazing gift prepared for the moms in your life.  (In which case, you’re welcome.)

This will be my second Mother’s Day and we’ll likely spend it with our twins (who are turning TWO at the end of May) doing something adorable like a picnic or a walk around the zoo, during which we will be furiously snapping photos on our smartphones.

Yes, that is what I said.  Smartphones.

This photographer-parent will be taking family photos on her smartphone on Mother’s Day.  Because like everyone else, I rarely have the time and energy to chase my own kids around with heavy cameras and be constantly on the lookout for the most beautiful light.

You see, family portraits don’t just happen spontaneously – even for professional-photographer-parents.  Excellent family portraits – the kinds that you want to display in your home or give as gifts to family members – take planning, preparation, and a talented photographer who can maximize the setting and invoke the sweetest family dynamics.

Family portraits are wonderful treasures for the very reason that they don’t happen spontaneously.  The time and energy spent on making them happen is well worth it when you have gorgeous family memories to treasure for generations.  What better way to honor moms, mothers, stepmothers, mother-figures, beloved Aunties, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers than with beautiful photos of families together.

As always, I am available to photograph your families at your homes and in locations that you love, so feel free to contact me to set up a customized session.  And, in honor of this Mother’s Day, I am offering special savings for first time parents because I really mean it when I say that family portraits are the most amazing gifts you can give yourself!  Time and again I see families putting off portraiture for a variety of reasons and before anyone even realizes it, the kids are in college and opportunities for meaningful photos together become fewer and fewer.

To get this special savings, you have to be first time parents and you must to commit to and pay for your one hour portrait session BEFORE Mother’s Day 2016.  We can make your photos anytime during the year, so we can wait until the beautiful late summer sunshine, if you’d like.  But the special offer is only available until Sunday, May 8, 2016.

Who do you know who could use a gorgeous family portrait this Mother’s Day?

Who do you know who has a million snapshots on their smartphones and not one beautiful framed portrait displayed in their home?

Let’s get to work making your family treasured portraits.  Email me today to take advantage of this special savings and schedule a portrait session for your family.




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