My Latest Retouching Project

I am so flattered and honored to have been assigned this latest retouching project.  A dear friend of mine found this picture of her sister from her college days (1963?  ’64?) in terrible disrepair.  Water damage has the glass adhered right onto the photo and obviously it’s also torn and cracked and faded as well.  She asked me what I could do and I gave my usual response: “Anything is possible with Photoshop.”

So she has entrusted it to me and this week I will set to work on restoring and retouching this beautiful photo.  I told her I couldn’t promise a timeline; massive restorations like this can take a lot of time.  But I will begin working on it right away and will post updated to my progress as I go.  These photographs are so unique – someone somewhere may have the original negative, but at this point it would be nearly impossible to track them down.  So not only is this photograph stunningly gorgeous, but it is also a piece of their family history.

First things first: make a high resolution scan preserving as much of the original information as possible.  Done.

Now comes the fun part…stay tuned for updates.

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