Featured Wedding: Laid Back at the Liberty Hotel Boston

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I try to write blog posts that offer advice and tips for people looking around and learning about wedding photography. After all, most people will only hire a professional photographer a handful of times in their lives, and likely only one wedding photographer, so there are a lot of unknowns in the process! But every once in awhile, a wedding strikes me as just so perfect that I want to simply say, “Here! Look at this!”

This lovely couple got married in September at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. They are so laid-back, so wonderfully down to earth, and so very much in love with each other and their families that the whole party was just a cascade of happy smiles, wind-blown hair, and belly laughs. From her purple dress and flower crown to his green suite and mustache, they perfectly embody the couple I love working with: couples who care more about authenticity than perfection.

I hope that when you look through their wedding photos, you see an authentically happy and relaxed couple being themselves, enjoying their party, and having fun. I love to make wedding pictures that show how people look in real life, not a fake overly posed and dramatic version of real life. I think we nailed it with this one.

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