Photos You Need on Your Business Website

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During spring cleaning time, you’re probably busy with projects around the house. But what are you doing about your business’s or organization’s website? Spring is a good time to go through, sweep out the cobwebs, and make sure that the content is up to date.

Better yet, update the photos on your business website to attract new clients, donors, volunteers, and subscribers. Great photos are key to a great website!

Here are the kinds of photos every organization should have on its website:

1.  A Portrait of the Owner/Executive Director/Principal. This needs to be a photo that says something about your personality, your organization, and your role. Most directors are the public face of the organization. As a result, your photo on a website is a visitor’s first impression.

2.  Photos that show what your organization offers. This is easy to do if you own a business like a retail store or a restaurant. It is a little harder to do if you’re a service business or a non-profit. No matter what your organization offers, people like to see what they’re spending money on.  Investing in high-quality photos tells your customers that you care about your image and that you pay attention to details. If you don’t sell an object, then a picture of you or your staff in action, a photo of the tools you use to get the job done, or a photo of the space in which you work may help illustrate your offerings.

3.  Headshots of your staff; particularly client facing.  Especially if your organization caters to local clients, including photos of your staff on your website helps make your business feel human, approachable, and likeable. No Facebook profile pictures here; show your clients that you care about quality! Make sure the photos are well-lit, sharp, uncluttered, and as cohesive as possible.

4.  Photos of people enjoying your products and services.  It’s nice to include a few shots of happy people enjoying what your business or organization has to offer.  If you can afford to, stay away from stock photos here – unique photos specific to your offerings will go a long way in illustrating the satisfaction you provide your customers and members.

Check out some of my clients’ websites here, here, and here to see examples of photos that really tell a story.

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