Things to Know When you Hire a Photographer

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Most of the people who I work with in my photography business are first timers. Couples planning their wedding, new parents, small business owners, chefs, and non-profit groups often have little to no experience when it comes to hiring a photographer. So usually people have very little idea of what questions to ask me as we begin working together. And yet, I know the questions on their minds. Things like: What can I expect? How much is too much? What is realistic? Is my budget too small? What do I wear? What is “high-resolution” anyway? How many photos do I need? How long does this take? How bossy can I be with a photographer? How do I know what my photography style is?

Over the next several months, I will be answering these questions and more in a series of resources I am producing for people who are interested in hiring a photographer but have no idea where to begin. I have already written some of these things (check out the Resources category on my blog.) But I have a lot more to say, too.

This will be a work in progress, but over time I hope to produce several helpful guides for hiring professional photographers to make it a much simpler process for all of the non-Art Directors out there! If you haven’t worked at an ad agency; if you don’t have a degree in marketing; and if you aren’t a professional event planner, then stay tuned for the tips and resources that will soon make their appearance here!

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