Greenhouse Cafe in Burlington, CT – Open Air, Local Fare

(Full disclosure: my sister and her husband actually own and operate this little garden center, restaurant, and ice cream store in Burlington, CT.  So I am pre-disposed to think it is a beautiful and amazing small business.  But trust me, it is!)

Last weekend, I drove down to Connecticut to take photos of a newly opened restaurant in Burlington called the Greenhouse Cafe.  Born from the mind of a landscape designer, avid fisherman and master gardener, the Greenhouse Cafe is a wonderful place to enjoy lunch or dinner.  You can sit amongst the flowering shrubs that dot the property, sit for hours one of the Adirondack chairs that face the pond, take your ice cream cone to go and wander among the hanging plants for sale, or just enjoy a leisurely meal at a picnic table under an umbrella.  The tagline of the restaurant is “Open Air, Local Fare” and the menu features fresh seafood from Rhode Island and salads made with veggies from the on-site garden.

I was there primarily as a food photographer and photographed a bunch of the most sought-after items on the menu.  But I also made the time to stroll the grounds and take photos that really demonstrate the atmosphere and feel of the place.  The scenery, the food, and the garden products are all beautiful.  It’s worth a trip to Northwest CT!

In my opinion, photos like this are what every small business needs; photos that tell the story of your business, that help your prospective customers understand what you offer, and that encapsulate the breadth of your products and services.  Not all small business owners can and will invest in this kind of promotional photography, but those who do notice a difference in their marketing materials.  Photographs that are fresh, unique to your business, and professionally done speak volumes about your commitment to great quality and your desire to reach out to your customers.

So I share with you some of the images I shot for the Greenhouse Cafe and I hope that if you live in Connecticut you make the trip!  While you’re there, be sure to get some ice cream, too.  The Frozen Gnome is the on-site ice cream shop and never disappoints!

A view of the property
Open for Business!
The view out to the gardens
Fish Tacos!
The property is overflowing with lush plants
You can enjoy the view of the pond
The terrace will eventually be available for private functions

Grow, little greens, grow!
Fried Clams and Homemade Clam Chowder
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