The Pros of a DIY Wedding

Last weekend, I had the honor of photographing Carolyn & Hernando’s wedding at Friendly Crossways in Harvard, MA.  Theirs was a DIY wedding from the start – no wedding planner or coordinator, no formulaic venue, no pre-packaged reception.  They both worked so hard to make the ceremony and reception their own, and their personalities and attention to detail showed in every facet of the day – from the location to the bilingual ceremony to the creative table settings.

I love photographing these kinds of weddings – everything reflects the uniqueness of the couple.  As a vendor, I can tell you that there are lots of benefits to weddings that are heavily planned and choreographed, either by a planner or by the venue: things run on time, there are no last minute decisions to be made, the couple has very little to think about other than enjoying themselves.  When a couple plans and runs their own wedding, it’s a lot of work for them both and the day will often have small complications.  Of course, as their photographer, I pride myself on helping the couple make those decisions, stay relaxed and keep their event running on time.  Besides, in my opinion, the pros of a DIY wedding, specifically the special reflections of love that shine from every nuanced decoration, vow and flower arrangement, outweigh the fact that your night runs a little late.  It’s such a special day – make is yours!

Here are a few photos from Carolyn & Hernando’s wedding.  Such a lovely day.

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