Babies’ First Year – Personal Photos

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The twins turned one on May 31st! Where has the year gone?  As a celebration, I thought I’d share a collection of pics from the last year, a mini-retrospective on one of the longest – and fastest – years of my life so far.

Twins First Year-1 Twins First Year-2 Twins First Year-3 Twins First Year-4 Twins First Year-5 Twins First Year-6 Twins First Year-7 Twins First Year-8 Twins First Year-9 Twins First Year-10 Twins First Year-11  Twins First Year-13

Twins First Year-12 Twins First Year-14 Twins First Year-15 Twins First Year-16 Twins First Year-17 Twins First Year-27 Twins First Year-28

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  1. Stephanie Finnegan

    So adorable! What a magical year! Thanks for sharing!

    • Leise Jones

      Our boy is Kellam (he’s the bigger of the two) and Genevieve (“Evie”) is our girl. You need to meet them in person!

  2. Diana

    OH MY GOODNESS! Look at all that cuteness! Thanks for sharing these publicly, and for giving me hope for what’s to come (as ours are just 12 weeks!)

    CONGRATS, and keep the photos coming! 🙂

    • Leise Jones

      Diana, they’re already 12 weeks?! Girl, you have made it! Consider yourselves the Parents of the Year – those first 3 months are killer. Let’s get together soon!

  3. Susan

    What great photos of your cuties’ first year! So happy for all four of you.

  4. nashira

    they are amazing!!! We want a summer playdate! Happy birth day to all of you!

  5. Debra Askanase

    Mazel tov, congratulations for surviving that first year! It’s behind you now, though it looks like it was a great year for the whole family. Wishing you and Steph a joyous second year with your children.

  6. Sam

    Oh my lord! I can’t believe they are a year! What wonderful photos!

    Sam & Jay & Evelyn (aka Stormy)

  7. Nicole & Joe

    They are so beautiful! Wonderful to see all your wonderful first year moments. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Nana

    From one Mama to another and another !!! — Thanks for a wonderful year of memories! Love these babies more than you know!! XXOOO

  9. Karen

    I just want to eat them up!!!! Congratulations on making it through year 1! Love you all!

  10. Kara

    I just discovered this blog entry – what beautiful babies!! Hope you share another round of photos when they turn 2 😉

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