Spring Engagement Photos | Boston wedding photographer

I make it a point to do “engagement photos” with all of my wedding clients.  Only I call them “Get to Know You Portrait Sessions,” because that is really what these photos are all about.  Most of my clients have been engaged for quite some time!  They may already live together, own a home together, or have a family. The session is less about documenting their status as “engaged” and more about preparing for their upcoming wedding.

The biggest factor in whether or not you like how you look in photos is whether or not you feel comfortable in front of the camera. When you’re nervous, embarrassed, uncomfortable, caught off guard, or otherwise unprepared, you look that way in photos!  This is why people think they aren’t “photogenic” – they are uncomfortable in front of the camera.  In a Get to Know You Session, this is precisely the thing we are working to change.  Knowing your photographer, knowing how she works, knowing what to expect, and knowing that you DO look great in photos are key to feeling comfortable and relaxed on your wedding day.

During Get to Know You Sessions, we chat, walk, talk, laugh, ask questions, and you practice being photographed.  I offer suggestions for poses and backgrounds, but mostly I want to see you two being relaxed and comfortable together.  Most of my couples can’t believe how they look in photos – they thought they weren’t “photogenic!”  My response is always, “You just never felt so comfortable.”

My calendar is filling up with Get to Know You Sessions, which tells me it must be spring!  Check out a few of these springtime engagement photos below and let’s schedule yours for this spring, too!

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