Boston Wine Expo | Boston event photographer

In February, I photographed the Boston Wine Expo as part of an ongoing project to document scenes around Boston for the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau.  I had never been to the wine expo before, but I had heard a lot about it – after all thousands of people attend this expo every year to sample wines from nearly 300 wineries!  It is a little bit of sensory overload when you walk into the World Trade Center with hundreds of other people. But you get your own wine glass and then are free to taste, see, smell, and purchase hundreds of incredible wines.

The expo features wines from around the world and the booths are organized by geographical region.  Attendees spend the day hopping between Spain, Italy, New Zealand, and Chile to taste an incredible selection of wines during the Grand Tasting event.  There are also seminars, cooking demonstrations, vendors, and wines for sale.  It’s a whirlwind two days!  If you love wine, it’s really worth making the trip to Boston next year!  Find out more at

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