Springtime Backyard Wedding | Boston Wedding Photo

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It’s been almost one year since A+P got married in his parents’ backyard with snow still on the ground, extended family on Zoom, and Covid-19 vaccines just becoming available. Theirs was one of the first weddings I covered after we emerged from a locked down winter, and it was so special to be there with them.

I love photographing backyard weddings and in the Covid era, where gatherings are limited to close relatives, backyard weddings have become even more important. This wedding was especially sweet, since A+P had started dating in high school. This was the house where he had grown up, where they had hung out together as teenagers, where their families had gotten together for holidays. And so as they gathered at the foot of the driveway, with their close families in attendance and everyone else in a Zoom room, I had the feeling that we were all at home. It was very sweet.

Backyard weddings have their share of complications, especially in Boston with our finicky weather. There is an endless list of items you have to procure from tents to portable bathrooms to flatware. Still, with all of their headaches, backyard weddings are always extra special.

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