Posing Tips For Every Photo

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I hear from most of my clients that they aren’t comfortable in front of the camera. And this is normal! Most of us get in front of a camera – photo or video – and immediately start second guessing ourselves. I hear questions like:

“Is this a good face to make?”

“What do I do with my hands?”

“How do I stand?”

“Does this look dumb?”

And the ever popular statement, “Tell me what to do.”

My usual response to that is BE YOURSELF. But that is easier said than done for most of us when it comes to posing in front of the camera.

So here are some tips on how to pose, no matter what kind of photo you’re going to be in. We are all our own worst critics, but there are some easy steps to take to make yourself feel more comfortable in front of the camera whether you’re being photographed for your wedding, your family, or your business.

1. Don’t let your arms hang down by your sides. Hanging-down-arms pull down on your shoulders, make your neck look wider, and compromise your posture. Instead, put your hands in your pants pockets, cross your arms in front of your chest, put your hands on your hips, or clasp in front of your waist. Keeping your hands up near your waist will raise your chest and push your shoulders back, helping you look taller, slimmer, and more confident in photos.

2. Laugh, don’t just smile. Smiling just for the sake of smiling is almost never flattering and rarely looks genuine. This is because fake smiles originate with your mouth. Real smiles, on the other hand, are all about your eyes. Known as “smizing,” smiling with your eyes conveys real warmth and real emotion, not just a static expression with no feeling. Instead of putting on a fake smile for the camera, try laughing. Even if it’s a fake laugh, it will help lead you to a real smile and a nice comfortable expression. I love to invoke a good fake laugh” during portrait and wedding photography. It breaks the ice and gets those authentic smiles that I love.

3. Dress comfortably. If you’re headed to a situation where you know you will be photographed – whether it’s a business conference, a wedding, or a portrait session – wear clothes that you KNOW fit, flatter, and feel comfortable. Avoid the temptation to go out and buy brand new clothes the morning or day before. It’s far better to wear something you have at least tried on many times so that you know fits right and feels good. I always say nothing new on picture day. You should know that it’s going to fit and feel good, and then you’ll look confident in the photos.

4. Trust the photographer. We are not the paparazzi, trying to catch you with a terrible expression or food in your mouth. We want to make you look good! Trust that we will make you look good. A lot of looking good in photos is about lighting, angles, and perspective and we know what tools to use to help you look your best. Take a deep breath and trust that we know what we’re going to take care of you.

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