My Best of 2018 in Wedding Photos

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2018 was a year of weddings that didn’t disappoint. They were full of highs and lows that were breathtaking and emotional and that I feel incredibly honored to have documented.

I worked with a couple who made their wedding happen a year earlier than they had hoped so that his ailing grandmother could be there before she died.

I worked with LGBTQ+ couples who thought there wasn’t a place for them in the wedding industry, only to make their own place.

I watched couples make hard choices about which traditions they were going to incorporate into their celebrations, defying expectations and preconceived notions.

I photographed families who crossed oceans and continents to be with their loved ones on their wedding day.

I listened to a ceremony that made me cringe, one that made me cry tears of joy, and dozens of others in between.

I watched twenty one amazing and unique couples commit to join their lives together and made over 50,000 photographs to help tell their stories. What follows is an infinitely small sampling of my favorite wedding photographs from 2018.

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