Family Photos: Rain or Shine

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I love outdoor family photo sessions, especially when little kids are involved! My family portrait sessions are laid-back and fun; we play games, encourage the kids to run and jump, try to generate as much authentic laughter as possible, and use all the space we can get.

Of course, the hard thing about outdoor family portrait sessions is that not everyday in New England is sunny and 75 degrees. Not everyday is perfect. And rescheduling can be a major headache – and isn’t a guarantee for perfect weather. So I move ahead with outdoor family photo sessions no matter the weather!

After all, families are never perfect either!

With this “rain or shine” policy, I keep an eagle on the weather forecast in the week leading up to our family photo session. We’ll decide together what props we’ll need to make the photos work in the weather. It may be cute rain boots and umbrellas, a carrot and top hat to make a snowman, a picnic blanket with bottles of ice water, or matching wind breakers.

Family photos outdoors aren’t meant to be perfect – they’re meant to be fun, memorable, and authentic depictions of your family interacting together.

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