Institute of Transportation Engineers | Boston Event Photography

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Last week, I provided event photography for a few parts of the annual conference for the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE).  This is the professional association for the engineers who design and construct roadways, bridges, highways, intersections, interchanges, crosswalks, bike lanes, and everything that is needed to make transportation systems work safely and efficiently.  It’s one of those jobs that I bet lots of us take for granted – after all, traffic is either terrible or it’s fine, depending on the time of day.  But it’s thanks to these people that we have stoplights and bike lanes in all the right places!

On Tuesday night, I photographed the  “Traffic Bowl,” which is Jeopardy!-like tournament for student chapters of ITE.  They were quizzed on everything from the colors and shapes of common traffic signs to the names and methods of various engineering models.  Unfortunately, and much to my disappointment, not everyone answered in the form of a question, but that was okay with the judges.  The winning team received a check from ITE and bragging rights for the rest of the conference.  The Florida State chapter won the final round and took home the big check.  In my event photos, I documented the energy in the room, the laughter in the audience, the concentration of the participants, and some of the cool details.  As usual, my photos are telling the story of the event from start to finish.

boston event photography Traffic Bowl-3 Traffic Bowl-4 boston event photography event host boston event photography jeopardy contest boston event photography audience member boston happy boston event attendee traffic bowl ite photography ITE Traffic Bowl


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