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In 2011, I photographed Stephanie and Jeff, who had just welcomed their twins into the world.  You may have seen some of these sweet photos of the four of them as they snuggled and laughed together.

family portrait connecticut

Well, now the kids are 3 years old (!), so it was time for an update to show them as the rollicking and hilarious toddlers that they are.  We met at Brodie Park in my hometown of New Hartford, CT, a tiny town with lots of open space and great spots for photos.  The kids are so funny – we played Red Light Green Light and ran around for nearly an hour.  But in the midst of all the playing, we also got some very sweet family photos.

family portrait connecticut family portrait connecticut family portrait connecticut family portrait connecticut

My style of family photos is to always make a combination of pictures that show what the family LOOKS like, but also what the family IS like: how they play and interact, how they laugh together and cuddle and do all the things that make them a family.  I had a great time with the Maxwell family, and really feel like I accomplished my goal of making storytelling family portraits.


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