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I don’t have kids of my own yet, but I remember from my childhood that the Annual First Day of School Photo is an important event.  Growing up, we used to line up in front of the fireplace for the annual photo and we were inevitably dressed in one of our newest and most favorite outfits!

I am already seeing some Back to School photos on Facebook, so here are just three things for you to remember that will help you improve these photos and make them worth sharing!

1.  Put down the cell phone.  Cell phone cameras are awesome for sharing photos right away and for taking photos on the go.  But I encourage everyone to think through when a cell phone camera is the best choice and when the best choice is to pick up an actual camera.  First Day of School photos are one of those times that it’s worth having a real camera out to do the job.

portrait-mode-1  2.  Put the camera on the portrait mode.  This will help make sure that the settings on the camera are appropriate for taking a photo of another person!

3.  Check the background.  There isn’t a lot of time for the Back to School photo – you’re running late or catching the bus or shepherding the kids to the carpool.  Still, take a moment to compose the photo and check the background to make sure there are no telephone poles, birdhouses, mailboxes, or car antennas growing out of your child’s head.  Once you get used to checking the background, it becomes an instinct and you don’t even think about it, so start practicing now!

Now, as an inspiration, here is one of my favorite Back to School photos from my youth.  Me and my little sister Robyn on my first day of 4th and her first day of 2nd grade!



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