My Big Fat Restoration Project

Back in August, I told you how I was beginning to restore an old, faded and water-stained photo from the 1960s.  My good friend had found it amongst her father’s belongings after his death and asked me what I could do with it.  I replied, “Anything is possible when it comes to retouching!” and gladly took on the project.  More than one month later, I finally accepted that I had done all I could do and presented her with a gleaming 5×7.

Here is the before:

retouching, restoring, photo, memories

And the after:

I really love how this photo looks.  I had to darken her hair quite a bit, to compensate for all of the work that had to be done to it!  The glass was sealed to the photo from water damage and years of neglect, so I had to retouch all of the cracks in the glass, which was a huge feat.  She has darker hair in the photo than she had in real life, but besides that, I think it looks pretty dead-on!

Restoring old photos is something I love to do when I get the chance.  It is bringing memories back to life!  Seeing old photos anew brings my clients so much joy – how could I not love it?

  1. Allison

    Great post! I’m reading it from my phone though and can’t see the “after” pic! Ugh! Will check it out when I get home. Great job on the photo, though. You’re so talented!

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